Friday, September 19, 2008

McCain will liberate blacks from the Left

For far too long the leftist element in the African American community have raged about unfair bias. Popular leaders, such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, have divided Blacks and Whites, claiming that the American White majority is against the Black minority. There are many problems with that claim, such as the fact that in American Blacks have prospered like no where else in the world. In America freedom and opportunity reign far above race with the result that we all can prosper if we work hard. An Obama Presidency would divide America because Obama has been influenced and agrees with the far left thinking social activist Black leaders like Sharpton and Jackson. This fact is evidenced by his selection of a pastoral mentor, Jeremiah Wright and his participation in the Million Man March. Obama will pursue policies that will be influenced by his incorrect belief that White America is against Blacks. These policies will anger many Americans and result in a more devided America. The net outcome of an Obama Presidency will be racial division and not coming together.
America is ready for a Black President, but not for a far left Black President that comes out of the hate America crowd. Especially someone who closely aligns himself with Jeremiah Wright and William Aires. Let's wait for a Black leader who is fair and balanced to lead America, not a radical who will devide America. John McCain is a loyal friend to the black community and someone Blacks can count on to lead America to a better day. Like President Bush he will appoint Black leaders to his cabinet. He will be a hero in office who will work for a better America. That is a cause bigger than just a better America for one group or another, such as Black Americans or White Americans. McCain has worked with democrates and bucked his own party many times. John McCain will be good for America and that is good for all peoples of this country, Black and White. America needs a wise, experienced hero as president. That candidate is John McCain.